Hand-Woven Stainless Steel Netting

This netting made from stainless steel aircraft cable comes in custom panel sizes, ranging from 3/64" to 1/8" diameter cable, with mesh sizes from 1" to 4" being typical, and in plain stainless steel and black oxide finishes. (larger diameter cable and mesh is available) Bronze finish is available in smaller diameter cables.

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3/64" in 1" Netting - Aviary
1/16" in 1" Netting - Small mammal, aviary
1/16" in 2" Netting - Monkeys, birds, wolves
3/32" in 2" Netting - Most cats and larger monkeys
1/8" in2" Netting - Primates, bears, and large cats
3/32" in 3" Netting - Rooflines of most cats, bears
1/8" in 3" Netting - Rooflines of primate exhibits
1/16" in 4" Netting - Rooflines of large raptor exhibits
3/32" in 4" Netting - Rooflines
1/8" in 4" Netting - Roofline of primate exhibits
175 lbs test Bronze Netting
275 lbs test Bronze Netting

Steel Coil Mesh
Pitch Opening available: 3/8" - 1/2" - 5/8" - 7/8"
Wire Gauges available: 9g to 22g - with standard sizes being 16g and 18g for aviary use.
Finishes available: galvanized with vinyl coating, stainless steel, black oxide stainless steel.

Domestic supplier import options as well.

Currently using the higher grade type 316 stainless in all stainless steel fabrication to minimize surface rust, discoloration and structural decline.

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Common Sizes

5/8" and 16g vinyl coated
1/2" and 16g stainless
5/8" and 18g black oxide

Welded Wire Mesh
Resistance welded at every cross section or wire creating square or slotted openings, welded wire mesh is rigid and strong. Sold in 100' rolls in galvanized, stainless steel or black PVC coated.

Standard size (.011) is 14sqft/lbs and sold in 84" wide rolls, weighing 50 lbs. Black oxide finish available, cut lengths available.

Typical Sizes

See CABLE & HARDWARE page for Breaking Strength Information.